Aug 18, 2014

Tom Cotton Visits Texarkana

Congressman Tom Cotton rolled into Texarkana without the same fanfare that Senator Pryor put on a few days ago.  The lack of fanfare is likely due to something that Senator Pryor has forgotten over the years.   Senator Pryor has forgotten about Texarkana and as such he has neglected to visit Texarkana.   Pryor needed a fanfare to boost his standing with people in Texarkana.  Tom on the other hand needed no boost to remind the citizens that he listens.    Tom hosts "Coffee with your Congressman" around the southwest on a regular basis.  The visits brings Tom to Hope, Texarkana, Prescott, and other locations, even during off election years.  The fact is, Tom's tours have brought him to Texarkana more than times than Pryor has visited during his entire time as a Senator.   The simple fact is Tom did not need to put on the fanfare that Pryor seemed to want so badly.

People in Texarkana recognize that Tom listens.  The local radio station was present for Tom's visit, as was the newspaper, state representatives, business leaders, party members, and a host of other people.  The Cattlemen's was packed with so many people that it would be hard to list them all here.  Cotton started the meeting by standing outside the front door in the heat and meeting guest as they arrived.  He shook hands, talked about his last visit, and took time to hear what each voter had to say.  

Once inside the room, the Cattlemen's banquet room was packed wall-to-wall.  Several people sat at tables visiting, others wandered around the room and some found nice little corners where they could watch all the events.  If you did not know Tom Cotton, you would not be able to find him in the crowd.  He wore a regular shirt, easily moved around the room and most people acted as if Tom had lived his entire life in Texarkana and we were all visiting at a local football game.  Tom did not present himself as someone special, nor did the crowd who has been accustomed to seeing so much of Tom view him as someone special.  To everyone in the room, Tom was simply our Congressman visiting us in Texarkana.  

After a short time, Texarkana Mayor candidate David Haak was introduced and then in turn introduced Tom.  Tom spoke briefly about the campaign by stating his goals and desires once he takes over the Senate seat for Arkansas.  Finally, instead of the usual pleas for money that most politicians make, the crowd was encouraged to join in singing happy birthday for Tom's wife who turned 37 today.  

As people began to leave the gathering slowly, it was apparent that while Tom is our Congressman, and will soon be our Senator, that he is also something different.  He is not the politician as usual running around only during the campaign season.  Most people were comfortable with Tom because he's fact he's here a lot.   A few people may remember a few years ago when Tom came to town during a televised Presidential debate.  Tom bought pizza and hosted the event at the local Republican Headquarters.    It makes a person wonder how many other Americans can say they watched a Presidential debate with their Congressman?  But then again, that's simply Tom Cotton, a Congressman more interested in spending time working for the people and spending time with the people than playing golf during these troubling times when men like Cotton are so desperately needed.