Oct 6, 2011

Herman Cain

The field of Republicans shooting for the opportunity to take on President Obama has seen many speculations and some expected entries, but none can carry a candle to Herman Cain.  Unlike his opponents, Cain has no political history for a backing except for a loss in Georgia and he has no backers for that matter to keep happy.  He has no hidden political past to keep out of the public’s eye.  He would essentially go to Washington, if elected, with something Americans want desperately.  He would go with no political background or preconceived agenda.

Cain is the symbol of the American dream.  He was born into the middle class without the typical silver spoon in his mouth that many politicians have.  In fact, his father worked three jobs and his mother worked just so Cain could go to college.  He had to work for his degree in Computer Science after obtaining his degree in Mathematics with his parent’s support.  He is a Christian with politics based on small government and free enterprise.  To further his resume he did something that most Americans admire, he built a business. 

To further propel Cain into our collective spotlight, he has something that most other candidates do not have.  Herman Cain has a plan.  A quick visit to his site and you will see his “999” Link to Plan plan detailed.  The vision of his plan is simple.  Cain wants to get government out of the economy so the economy can “return to prosperity.”  He then goes on to detail what even the current administration cannot do.   His number one principle for his plan is simply “Production drives the economy, not spending.”  It should be interesting to note that this is the polar opposite of what the current administration believes.  The current administration wants tax money to pour into the economy to make it grow.  It has not worked, and it will not work.  However, Cain’s plan is simple enough for anyone to read it, understand it, and implement it. 

With the Tea Party Republicans jumping onboard with Cain’s message, the Republican party at large would do well to look to the man who may not only be able to have some fantastic pizza parties at the White House, but he may very well be the man able to propel “us” back into the U.S.