Oct 12, 2010

Help Jim Keet Paint Arkansas Red!

Jim with Dick Morris
Is this putting Arkansas first?
The final stretch is within sight and Jim Keet’s sights are set on putting Arkansas’ interest first.  Jim wants to serve as Arkansas’ next governor and for once we have politician running who is not a career politician.  To make matters even better for Arkansas, Jim is not a Washington collaborator.  He is not willing to let those in Washington cram their ideals and agendas down the throat of every Arkansas resident.  Since the Obama Administration has taken over, our governor has done little to protect Arkansas' interest.  In fact, he has done nothing to protect Arkansas' interest when it comes to any of the new federal regulations, health care, or the excessive spending.  To be blunt, our governor is a dream for the Obama Administration!

Fortunately for Arkansas, Jim Keet is not a Washington insider.  Jim Keet is 100% for Arkansas and the interest of the people of our state.  To make matters better for Arkansas, Jim is a businessman.  He knows how to run a business and one of the things he has to do with a business is work within a budget.  Jim will not spend money he doesn’t have.  Jim will not allow state employees to waste your resources driving state cars for their own use, and only address the problem at election time.  Jim Keet will address Arkansas’ problems all year, each day, and each hour that he serves as governor.  He will put Arkansas first and make the priorities of Arkansans number one again.

Unfortunately, Jim cannot fight this fight alone.  Everyone knows it takes money to win an election.  The Democrats would have everyone believe that they are the party of no money and that Republicans have all the money.  That is simply not true.  The Democrats have a huge war chest to fight this election with and Republicans like Jim Keet are fighting with each dime they get in an uphill battle.  The bottom line is simple, Jim doesn’t have the money needed to fight this battle for you.  Jim needs all the citizens of Arkansas to stand with him now, so he can stand for them as governor.  Therefore, the “Paint Arkansas Red” campaign is underway.  If you are tired of everyone listening to Washington, using your money for their own agendas, and refusing to listen to you anytime other than election time, then you need to join Jim.  Click here Paint Arkansas Red.    Show the world that Arkansas will not be told what to do and that Arkansas citizens are going to take back their state.  Then, on November 2nd, vote Jim Keet for your next governor.  You no longer have to sit alone in front of your television and Internet connections and wonder what’s going to happen to Arkansas.  You can make sure your voice is heard and you are a part of what happens to Arkansas!