Mar 22, 2010

What The Polls Say & Health Care Reform

The fact is as Americans we are always going to have differences. We will always have some people thinking things should be one way and others thinking it should be another. That is what makes the political system go around. It causes the debates, the discussions, the compromises, the deals, and ultimately it causes us to come to an agreement on something. If we cannot come to an agreement, then the side having the most support wins. Those areas where we cannot agree have usually been decided by polls, if not votes. We are not talking about random polls where you ask only Democrats or only Republicans what they want. We are talking about real polls that go out and get the general population to participate and make a decision.

There is a variety of these polls completed everyday. In my review of the recent Health Care Reform, I studied many of those polls. Fortunately I found a great site, that helps compile what all the poles are saying, show each one individually and then pull all the information together into one nice big poll that shows what’s going on. Pollster also shows you the changes in the polls as the months progress.

So, the big question is simple. What does say about the Health Care Reform? It is a simple question that does not have a simple answer, but basically, people thought it was a pretty good idea in the beginning. After all, most everyone thinks something needs to be done, but then the Democrats started modifying, tweaking and fixing their bill. The months went by and that poll took a swing in the opposite direction. In fact, according to Pollster 51.3 % oppose the current health Care Reform. Only 42.3% support it. Folks, if those were election results, guess who would have won? The ones who oppose would have won.

Well, since we are Americans and our government listens to us, then we all know what the results of Health Care Reform in it’s current state will be, right? You are absolutely right, Health Care Reform, based on will fail because the majority of the Americans do not want it. Problem solved and we go back to the drawing board and try to come up with something everyone likes or at least the majority likes. But wait! Something went monumentally wrong with the vote. Despite the majority of American’s not wanting the current Health Care Reform, the majority of the government “for the people and by the people” did not listen to Americans.

Simply put, the Democrats refused to listen to the people they were elected to represent. Republicans on the other hand listened. Although there are a few differences on the websites, The Los Angeles Times link reported that no Republicans voted for the Heath Care Bill. It further noted that thirty-three Democrats crossed Obama’s lines to join with their Republican counterparts and voted “no”.

America has 178 Republican and 33 Democrat heroes who stood up, listened to the American people who elected them and did the right thing. 220 Democrats decided to ignore the American public and vote how Obama told them to vote. I expect Republicans to defend American viewpoints because it goes back to the early days of the party for the people. I appreciate those Republicans. To those Democrats joining the fight to save our nation, I thank you on behalf of the American public. We should note, since this is the TexarkanaGOP that Arkansas Representatives Mike Ross and Marion Berry voted against the bill. Texas Representative Chet Edwards also stood with his Republican counterparts against the bill.Link to List

I would like to add just a final little reminder. I work in the real world. I work a job where my boss assigns me a task and often tells me how it is to be done. I listen to that boss and perform my assigned task to the best of my ability. It’s called a job and that is the structure I work in daily. Representatives are elected and we, the American people, are their bosses. If we tell them to do something, they should do it. If I failed to follow my directives from my boss, what do you think would happen? I would likely be fired. During the 2010 and 2012 elections, America needs to think about firing some employees and it sounds like there are right at 221 (counting Obama) people that need to be fired for not listening to their bosses.