Nov 7, 2009

Former President and Mrs. Bush at Fort Hood

The current White House Administration is already being faulted by some in the media for what appears to be an uncaring attitude concerning the shooting deaths at Fort Hood. On Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites the words “uncaring” “cares more about shout outs” and “insensitive” are being used to describe Obama’s attitude toward the tragedy. Even other countries are starting to notice Obama’s attitude. The Telegraph, Telegraph Link, calls Obama “bloodless” and notes that even Democrats are wondering where his feelings are.

As all the criticism mounts around Obama, one former President and his wife quietly made the trip to Fort Hood, met with families there, and kept the press out. Nonetheless, a visit from a former President never goes unnoticed and it took little time for the leak to reach The Los Angeles Times Times Link. Once again, to his credit, President George W. Bush showed a sense of connection with the people he served and commanded. The difference, this time he did it without the following of a White House photographer and the press. His actions proved that the tears, hugs and emotions we saw when he was in the White House were and still are genuine.

For all the criticism that he has suffered, all the negative press, all the protest, and even the shoe-throwing incident, George W. Bush remained constant. From the onset of his presidency, he set goals. When terrorist caused those goals to have to be set aside, he set new goals for the country and stuck with them. He cried when our nation cried and he hurt when the nation hurt. A lot of people thought those emotions were simply for the press. Today, through a leak to the press, we have seen that the emotions were not for the press, the emotions were for the country that George W. Bush served, loves, and continues to serve even as a private citizen. While this moment may go quietly by and unnoticed by much of the world, I want President and Mrs. Bush to know that many people are thankful for your visit to Fort Hood and to those suffering there. We are thankful for your continued thoughts and prayers for the nation you love.