May 24, 2009

Changing for Cheney?

He didn’t aspire to be President, he did not have the look of a great President, he had health issues that worried the nation for eight years, and his claim to fame seemed to come at the butt end of hunting jokes, but now his popularity is on the Dick Cheney’s poll numbers are on the rise. Heck, at this rate if it continues for a few more years, he could run for office again! Why the sudden change (that is a buzz word you know)? The sleepy giants are waking up.

Americans embraced Obama. He was going to bring change, the first black President, a new generation. People yelled and cheered as he said we were all going to have to pitch in and help. Then came change and the battle. Suddenly people are scrambling and completing new W-4 forms. Obama’s change even has some employers withholding almost no taxes. I know of one person that has paid 0 in Federal tax since Obama’s new packet went into effect. You know just as well as I do that someone has to pay those taxes due! And then there is the terrorist. Nobody wants them, but Obama wants to close their prison and bring them to U.S. soil. Suddenly, nobody really wants them at all and the cry is “not in my back yard.” So then comes the voice of reason and that voice is the voice of Dick Cheney. Besides, of all the current administration and the past administration, he’s the only one who has ever shot someone so why should we not listen to the man. I mean really, he’s been the butt of so many jokes for so long and now Americans are saying, “Hey, this guy is making sense.”

But Cheney is not alone in the rise of the polls. Bush’s rank has also rose six points. Americans must be realizing that these two were at the top of the pyramid for all the terrorist activity in the world. They went to bed knowing what American’s faced and they woke up hearing what American’s faced each day for eight long years. Then along comes Obama and everyone got caught up in the flare. He had a twenty-four hour TV spot, he speaks well, and he appeals to people. So here’s the kicker, do I think he should be President? Yes, absolutely. American’s have the great blessing to be able to rule by popular vote (pending your state’s electoral vote count) and in the end the theory is that the person American’s want becomes the next President. American’s wanted Obama and they got him. So, for those American’s now maybe starting to rethink your vote or lack of vote and starting to think, “well, wow, Dick Cheney sounds like a smart guy” just be thankful you live in a country where you can change your view and that the polls will sway back and forth. Oh, and during the next election, try not to get caught up in all the party promises and just take a look at what the person can and is going to really do. Who knows, with the change in polls, it may be time for a Cheney ticket.