Miller County Republican Party

The Miller County Republican Committee will begin meeting at the new headquarters on Arkansas Blvd. the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in August, 2014.

Aug 18, 2014

Tom Cotton Visits Texarkana

Congressman Tom Cotton rolled into Texarkana without the same fanfare that Senator Pryor put on a few days ago.  The lack of fanfare is likely due to something that Senator Pryor has forgotten over the years.   Senator Pryor has forgotten about Texarkana and as such he has neglected to visit Texarkana.   Pryor needed a fanfare to boost his standing with people in Texarkana.  Tom on the other hand needed no boost to remind the citizens that he listens.    Tom hosts "Coffee with your Congressman" around the southwest on a regular basis.  The visits brings Tom to Hope, Texarkana, Prescott, and other locations, even during off election years.  The fact is, Tom's tours have brought him to Texarkana more than times than Pryor has visited during his entire time as a Senator.   The simple fact is Tom did not need to put on the fanfare that Pryor seemed to want so badly.

People in Texarkana recognize that Tom listens.  The local radio station was present for Tom's visit, as was the newspaper, state representatives, business leaders, party members, and a host of other people.  The Cattlemen's was packed with so many people that it would be hard to list them all here.  Cotton started the meeting by standing outside the front door in the heat and meeting guest as they arrived.  He shook hands, talked about his last visit, and took time to hear what each voter had to say.  

Once inside the room, the Cattlemen's banquet room was packed wall-to-wall.  Several people sat at tables visiting, others wandered around the room and some found nice little corners where they could watch all the events.  If you did not know Tom Cotton, you would not be able to find him in the crowd.  He wore a regular shirt, easily moved around the room and most people acted as if Tom had lived his entire life in Texarkana and we were all visiting at a local football game.  Tom did not present himself as someone special, nor did the crowd who has been accustomed to seeing so much of Tom view him as someone special.  To everyone in the room, Tom was simply our Congressman visiting us in Texarkana.  

After a short time, Texarkana Mayor candidate David Haak was introduced and then in turn introduced Tom.  Tom spoke briefly about the campaign by stating his goals and desires once he takes over the Senate seat for Arkansas.  Finally, instead of the usual pleas for money that most politicians make, the crowd was encouraged to join in singing happy birthday for Tom's wife who turned 37 today.  

As people began to leave the gathering slowly, it was apparent that while Tom is our Congressman, and will soon be our Senator, that he is also something different.  He is not the politician as usual running around only during the campaign season.  Most people were comfortable with Tom because he's fact he's here a lot.   A few people may remember a few years ago when Tom came to town during a televised Presidential debate.  Tom bought pizza and hosted the event at the local Republican Headquarters.    It makes a person wonder how many other Americans can say they watched a Presidential debate with their Congressman?  But then again, that's simply Tom Cotton, a Congressman more interested in spending time working for the people and spending time with the people than playing golf during these troubling times when men like Cotton are so desperately needed.  

Aug 6, 2014

Cathy Hardin, A Hard Act to Follow!

Republican Cathy Hardin (A Woman!)
Democrats have started to turn their "Name-Calling" toward the next presidential election in anticipation that they will run Hillary on the ticket. They are focussing on making Republicans look like the party that hates women. Everyone in the party seems to lean toward the idea that Republicans are trying to control contraceptives because they hate women. Another Democrat outright lie. Sorry, I for one am tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching Democrats bash Republicans. It's now time to take the fight back to them with a little dose of the truth regarding our candidates and our standards. To meet that end, it's important that we look at local candidates first-they are the heart of the Republican Party.

Republican Cathy Hardin stepped into the race for Miller County Tax Collector after issues came up with the former Miller County Tax Collector. You may remember that Miller County Tax Collector Melissa Barnes was arrested and finally plead guilty to a lessor charge: (LINK). Because Ms. Barnes is a woman, it is certain that Democrats will view this as an attack on women again! Yes, those mean Republicans are out to destroy women. Sorry, the bottom line is Melisa Barnes, a Democrat who has held the office of Miller County Tax Collector is guilty of Abuse of her Office. She plead out of the charge of stealing tax receipts and using county money for her own use. This is not a Republican attack on women because if it was, why would the Republican party be running Cathy Hardin for the office?

Cathy Hardin decided to run when she saw the corruption that had occurred under a Democrat's watch at the Tax Collector's office. She decided to take the bold step to run for office and make a difference for Miller County. Cathy is not a long-standing politician, and in fact she is the opposite of most politicians. She is quiet, soft-spoken, strong, and proud of her family ties to Miller County. When a voter speaks to Cathy, she does not yell at them, but instead forces the conversation to a level that you would reach sitting in a coffee shop with a good friend. She brings the conversation down to Earth, but reminds the voter that she is running for the office of Tax Collector and she is going to make a difference. This stray from typical politics makes Cathy unique. It also makes her something that we all need more of in county makes her real.

Beyond being a candidate though, Cathy Hardin is something else. Cathy is a woman. She has chosen the Republican Party as her platform not because Republicans hate women, she simply would not be part of a party that hated women, but instead because she chose a party that she believes can make a difference. Already Cathy has been elected as the Miller County Republican State Committeewoman for the Party, an office that could lead to national conventions. She has stepped up at the headquarters, along with her son, and helped prepare for the coming elections. She has attended state and local party meetings and continued to impress people across Arkansas. This soft-spoken lady is quickly growing into one of the major representatives for the state. The voter will do well to consider this Republican woman for the office of Tax Collector because Cathy Hardin is a hard act to follow, and after all, a Democrat woman held it before and we all remember how that turned out right? (Remember this Link?)

Jul 22, 2014

What Republicans Must Learn to Win Presidential Elections

(Warning:  President Lyndon Johnson's words are quoted and referenced in this document.  The author does not condone Mr. Johnson's words and only quotes them here for historical reference)

For the last forty-five (45) years Republicans have failed to thrive as the party for the people.  A good number of voters view the Republican party as a "Grand Old Party of White Guys" wanting to make rules.  Democrats from LBJ forward have spent their entire careers trying to throw a picture of Republicans as a bunch of elite, rich white people trying to control the world.  The fact is, most Republicans are not the typical rich white guys that Democrats would have you believe them to be.  They are Christians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, Jews, etc.  The Republican party still has a strong support system of multi-culture backgrounds, multi-belief backgrounds, etc.  This is not what the Democrats would have you believe.

Democrats for 45 years have worked to portray Republicans in a negative light.  In just the last eight years alone, Democrats have pounced on the idea that Republicans are all racist because they do not like Obama's policies.  Unfortunately, the Republican party continues to allow the Democrats to get away with this to a point where an overwhelming majority of African-American voters now vote Democrat (Reference).  African-American voters, Hispanic Voters, and Women Voters are being led to believe that Republicans are racist, against immigration, and against women's rights.  Far too long Republicans have allowed these lies to go unanswered in the hope that the American voter would know differently; however, propaganda machines have proven time-and-time again that people will eventually believe the propaganda machine.  The facts simply do not support the Democrat's claims.
Here's a short look at history to remind the voter:

1.  The Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party.  The goal was to free African-American slaves in the United States (Reference)

2.  Democrats voted to overturn the Missouri Compromise and allow slavery to spread (Reference)

3.  Democrats voted in fugitive slave laws to punish slaves for trying to seek freedom (Reference)

4  In 1870, every Republican in Congress voted to give freed slaves the right to vote.  All Democrats in Congress opposed it and voted against it (Reference)

5.  Only 64% of Democrats supported Civil Rights in the 1960s.  80% of the Republicans supported Civil Rights (Reference)

6.  After the Civil War 23 African-Americans were elected to Congress.  All were Republicans (Reference)

7.  A Republican from California introduced the bill to support women's rights followed by strong Republican support (Reference)

8.  The first Hispanic to serve on a Presidential cabinet served for Republican(s) Reagan and Bush, Sr. (Reference)

9.  The first African-Americans (man and woman) to serve as Secretary of State, served under Republican Presidents (Reference)

10.  In 1957, a Democrat Governor in Arkansas blocked African-American children from attending school by using the Arkansas National Guard.  The President sent the United States Army and activated the Arkansas Guard to active duty (placing them under U.S. Army command).  A Republican President (Ike) took these actions on behalf of African-American children (Reference)

As any voter can see, the Democrat Party has worked to lie, steal and remove the references to the party of the people and for the people.  Republicans have always stood up for individual rights, women's rights, and the rights of minorities.  It's time to remind America and the voting public exactly who Republicans are.  The Democrats have worked 45 years off of Lyndon Johnson's famous quotes (please excuse Mr. Johnson's use of horrible language below):

I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One -

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

(Reference1) (Reference2) (Reference3)

The Democratic Party has ran with the lies long enough.  Republicans must now step up and embrace the truth and embrace the future.  Republicans must learn their history and use it for the future.  If Republicans do not do this, then more elections will be lost.

The last two Presidential elections for Republicans have had something interesting in common.  They have both seen candidates for President viewed by the general public as rich, Caucasian, big government leaders running on the ticket.  McCain was viewed as the long-standing, rich Republican war hero.  Romney is the rich, former governor Republican.  Both of these men were Caucasian and both picked running mates who were viewed as rich, caucasian, long-standing government types from the north.  Although, McCain did select a woman to run which seemed to enhance his chances a little it did little for his effort since he continued to maintain his persona in the public eye.   Democrats were quick to try and make McCain's running mate look in competent.   In the meantime, the Democrats have run an African-American and a Caucasian for office.  Only one of the candidates on the Democrats ticket was viewed as "long-standing government" and that was the running mate.  The Democrats have capitalized on presenting an "everyday normal guy" for the office of President.  Bill Clinton was viewed as the everyday normal guy as has been Obama.  Voters at large have thought these two leaders (both rich by the way) were better than the Republican alternatives.  The fact is Republicans must remember who we are once again.  We have to reach out to the minority, we have to reach out to the person being persecuted by their government, and we have to reach out to average, everyday person to run for President.  We need a candidate that women, African-Americans, and Hispanics can relate to on a daily basis.  As long as we present candidates who cautiously ease out of their mansion driveways to run for the office, the Democrats will continue to promote their "everyday" man or woman all the way to the office of President.

In all honesty, Republicans need someone considered an average person, or persons, to run for office.  It's time that Republicans have someone like Condoleezza Rice, or Mike Huckabee, or Nikki Haley, or Dr. Ben Carson step up and run for the office.  Hard working, legal immigrants, former slaves, men, and women built this nation.   Democrats did not build it and in fact by their voting history they have worked to keep hard working, legal immigrants, former slaves, men and women down so that they could hold office.  When Democrats were no longer able to promote physical slavery, they resorted to economic slavery and have spent the last 45 years putting everyone into the status of economic slave.  Along the way there have been many Republicans who have stood in the Democrat's way.  It's almost 2016, and it is time again for a Republican who is one of the many and not the few to rise up, run for the office, and take back the Presidency of the United States for the people.  We must remember, this is a government for the people and by the people.  It is not a government for the Democrats and the lies they have portrayed as truths for far too long.  45 years is enough Mr. Johnson, we will take back the American Dream and put in the hands of the people again.